[Disclosure: I dropped a day’s pay on Obama’s campaign about a week before the pastor thing happened, and hope I never feel compelled to write about this election again.]

Matt Taibbi is (as usual, and in spite of his ridiculous humping of Hunter Thompson’s legacy) repeatedly correct in his assessment of American politics as a bunch of ninnies totally incapable of seeing elephants in living rooms. Conversely, Taibbi and myself are instead part of Generation Meta, and tend to be more engrossed by the mental gymnastics required to avoiding seeing elephants inside living rooms than the elephants themselves.

Proving Taibbi’s point (again), Obama is currently attempting to “limit the damage” (changed to “limiting fallout”) for paraphrasing “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” to a well-heeled audience in San Francisco.

Choice quote from the Taibbi article (mainly because it’s still relevant in this latest mountain-out-of-molehill): “It’s also a great example of how the presidential election process has become more about enforcing the attitudes of a cultural orthodoxy than a system for choosing leaders.”