More Help Wanted

As it turns out I have need for another Systems Administrator, this time in Washington, DC. This job is for a local administrator to handle the day-to-day support and activities in the Washington office (complete with AD domain, Asterisk server, NAS, and a dozen users), as well as the four branch locations in the DC Metro area and (future) datacenter while working together via IM, mail, and phone with the existing tech team in Chicago to plan and implement improvements, and resolve problems. The technological environment is 80% Windows, but the remaining 20% is RHEL5; the branch locations are 100% RHEL5.

So, the requirements are Linux and Windows desktop support, a desire to teach yourself Asterisk, Windows domains, and Cisco networking, and the ability to pass a Federal security check. Experience with open-source web software and Apache (e.g. WordPress, Joomla!, etc.) is great, but not required.

As before, send your resumé to me.