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In the years of its rise, the movement little by little brought the community’s attitude toward the teacher around from respect and envy to resentment, from trust to fear and suspicion. […] By 1933 at least five of my ten [Nazi] friends (and I think six or seven) looked upon “intellectuals” as unreliable, and among these unreliables, upon academics as the most insidiously situated. They Thought They Were Free


It was only three words in his 20-minute speech announcing his candidacy—“taught constitutional law.” But his students and colleagues at the University of Chicago say those words would make Barack Obama a different kind of president.

“It certainly is an advantage that he really knows the Constitution of the United States,” said Professor Cass Sunstein. “I don’t know if we have had a president that knows as much about the founding document as he does.” Professor Obama was a listener, students say, Sun-Times 2007-02-17