Sellin' Out

So I’ve got Adsense on my blog now, hopefully in a tasteful way. I’m wrestling with doing the feeds as well, but that’s a more ugly prospect: adverts on my own site are one thing, having them show up in aggregation on PGO, for exmaple is an anti-social other. (Yes, this is me making my mind up against it.)

I’ve also added the “Now Reading” plugin for WordPress, which does the dual duty of keeping track of what books I’ve read and want to read outside of LivingSocial Books, and giving me associates links for the books—i.e. if you buy a book from Amazon based on a click from my “library” pages, I get the kickbacks, rather than someone else. There’s also the added benefit of the marketing speedbump.

The downside is that you don’t get the social networking effects of LS, pointing you at new books. Unfortunately the people I know on LS tend to read mostly fiction/fantasy. I think it’s been 2 years since I picked up a pure fiction book of any type, honestly.

The next step is to start tagging and reviewing the books I can honestly remember…

One thought on “Sellin' Out

  1. First off let me just say interesting site! I actually stumbled upon your site while doing a little google for “Now Reading” tips and hints.
    But all in all, I found many of you entires very interesting, and kinda forgot about the “Now Reading” plugin and started to indulge myself in your blog instead hehe.

    I was actually gonna try and contact you more privately, but I couldn’t really find any “contact me” thingie. My problem is that I’m having some issues with implementing the “Now Reading” the way I want. And the way you present your library is exactly what I am trying do to mine (or 99% atleast).
    Wondering if I could possible “borrow” your code (credits will ofcourse be given), or if you give me some hinters in the right direction.

    You have my mail and site in the comments information, and hope to hear back from you.

    Best Regards,
    Erik Rasmussen

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