I Hate It Here

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  1. You are welcome to leave at any point or work to improve it. I don’t like the mindless consumerism, but I love it here.

  2. So leave US and go straight to some ex communistic country like Russia. No such thing happens there I can tell you. 🙂

  3. One in five people get it, the rest run off on some haughty-but-offended nationalist tear.

    Sorry about your sensitivities, I’ll try to keep your feelings in mind the next time SOMEONE IS TRAMPLED TO DEATH BY CRAZED SHOPPERS.

    Fucking turd monkeys, the lot of you.

  4. while those are pathetic tragedies, hate is a strong word and those act’s pale in comparison to things that happen in other places around the world.

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your emotions. I hope it is not the onl way you feel about living “there”.

    All the goto whereever comments are missing the point. .

    Rejecting critic or negative emotions by pointing at the fact that things could be worse will not help in making anything better.

    Thanks for pointing out how outrageous the situation is in itself without letting yourself being blinded by getting used to it or the assumption all alternatives would be worse.

    Coming from a different background – living in western europe, which is sometimes perceived as having a less devasting effect on the global ecosystem then the US – i am trying to avoid pointing at the US as a bad example. A lot of people don’t make their way of live more sustainable but instead point out that “it could be worse”.

    I sometimes hate it here too. I’d probably hate it everywhere else aswell for different reasons. At the same time my hate and outrage are based on loving those who suffer and die and my love for what is being destroyed.

  6. James: Please don’t call me a nationalistic turd monkey, but there are nuts and uncaring fools anywhere you go. That doesn’t take anything away from the tragedy, I think it’s sick and those people need to be incarcerated.

  7. Some of us are just pointing out that you can work for it to be better rather than just complaining. This disgusts me as well, but making a in-joke that was not apparent even to people who have read transmet (which I have) and then getting holier then thou when people get upset at your troll seems vapid.

  8. AGU:

    Mr. “leave or fix it” Self-Righteousness is complaining about me being “holier than thou” and “trolling” (on my own blog) because he missed the point?

    Fuck it if irony isn’t dead.

  9. @James
    “nationalist tear”? Man, you are so misguided. I don’t know why others added “leave it” comment, but I added it not because trampling to death is cool thing to do (how could it be?) but because your blog seems to me one dimensional. Maybe I am wrong, but like many leftist Americans you exaggerate minor problems of free market society, while propagating interventionist/socialistic solutions that in other countries (like Poland where I live) caused problems and tragedies that are beyond your imagination.

  10. Hajdi:

    Your embrace of the evils of laisse-faire as told to you by your former masters is no different from the embrace of the evils of communism as told to me by mine that you seem so desperate to accuse me of.

    To put it another way: I’m familiar with Orwell’s writings on displaced nationalism, are you?

    And you’re still confusing what I put at the title of this post with the United States, the “free market society” or whatnot. You are taking this in a geopolitical context that had nothing to do with the title when I wrote it.

    Read the fucking comic book and we’ll talk, you trolling douchebag.

  11. @James

    Trolling douchebag? Man this is weak, can you disagree with someone without slapping an insult? I guess not. There is a big difference between strongly expressing your opinion and calling someone an douchebag. Is this your argument or what? Nevertheless I out of this blog.

    And BTW, please don’t show off what you have read while implying that your debater haven’t. It is childish and will turn out rather silly if you talk with someone that also read it.

  12. Hajdi:

    Since you quite obviously haven’t read either of those things, I suppose my comeuppance will just have to wait.

  13. One of the things that disgusts me the most about this event is that the store reopened just hours later. I am appalled that management decided to reopen, and that the workers agreed, and that the shoppers didn’t care.

    Crowds are dangerous, and accidents happen. But reopening the store shows a complete lack of respect. It shows a triumph of greed over dignity.

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