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Reading the utopianism of worldchanging.com after watching a TED talk from the founder of it, I tried calculating carbon footprint more accurately than I had previously. Catching up on missed blogs, I’ve gotten myself going on dopplr a moment ago, following a Lessig commenter’s idea to use it to calculate carbon for offset donations—which is a pretty cool, IMO.

I’ve been using Tasque for a couple weeks now and it’s extremely useful for keeping myself organized. The only downside was the lack of instant-access to it unless I’m sitting in front of my laptop. Trying to remedy that I signed up for RTM and got their MilkSync to work with my Crackberry, so the tasks I enter on my laptop end up on my phone and visa-versa.

Sigh. Being impressed with sync is very ten years ago…

I was sort of on the fence about the counting calories thing, at least until I saw the WeightBot screenshots, which sold me on the idea: eating healthy to look better and live longer? Meh. Eating healthy for the sake of a new toys? Win.

Unfortunately WeightBot is only for the iPhone, which I don’t (want to) own, so that rule that out. Instead I googled for online tools and came up with livestrong.com, which has a “MyPlate” thing that keeps track of all this, along with “X food has N calories” and such. It also has a Blackberry thing for entering all that as well that’s on the “Blackberry App World”.

The upshot? App World is a gigantic ripoff of Apple’s App Store, and something they should have had from the beginning.

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  1. You can actually sync tasks (along with contacts and calendar entries) from a Blackberry via opensync, using the plugin provided by the Barry project. This works very well. It’s rather obscure, though. I packaged the whole thing up for Mandriva when I was working there, but it’s not so easy to put it together on other distributions…basically you need a working installation of opensync 0.22, the plugin from Barry, and an opensync front end (multisync-gui or, at a pinch, msynctool).

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