I went to the optometrist’s offices today to try to get the little feet on my glasses replaced… they have to order new ones and charge me $15 for the trouble. Irritating, and precisely the sort of nickel-and-diming bullshit one should expect from a “family owned” business. On the other hand, I tried to get a Dell small business account setup earlier today so I could buy things, and after 30 minutes arguing with their computers, I finally got ahold of a live person, who claimed he couldn’t hear me and promised to call me back. Hint: he never did.

As an aside, whoever invented IVR is on my list of people to assassinate should I ever have the ability to travel backwards in time. I don’t care if it was a joint effort between (warning: spoiler) Hemingway and Jesus, they catch the bullet.

I managed to hit my caloric goal for the day, mainly because I walked home from the train rather than cabbing it all the way home, as I have been known to do when I get out later than the bus runs.