One week on, I’m down about 6lbs, which is around 10% of the goal. Today is a low day (that is, 1350 calories), and I was still coming up short by the end of the day so I hit the chips and queso after dinner… which I’ve got to say is addictive once you get past the fact it tastes like complete ass. And I mean “tastes like ass” the way that cigarettes and Mt. Dew taste like ass after you’ve gone a few weeks without any.

Work was not nearly as productive as I wanted it to be: I updated cobbler’s createrepo_flags options on my repositories to use --update, and promptly got the OOM killer fired up at the next reposync. The option makes the synchronization process more reasonable in terms of time, but completely nukes the box while doing so. Tomorrow I play around and see if reposync can be made to run as someone other than root…

I grabbed some Yoko Ono yesterday, and while the Basement Jaxx remix of Everyman, Everywoman is pretty slick, the whole Open Your Box album feels very dated in 2009. Maybe it was fresh a couple years ago, but it’s Techno: By The Book, so I really doubt it. Next up on the rotation is Faunts’ latest, which actually is pretty fresh, in the few months old sorta way.