Screwing Up

On the ride home today, I passed the same ad I pass every day: an ad for Android Apps. Google’s advertising dominance of a market which Apple created. The papers (blogs) are full of complaints, and there’s been a definite mood shift. Before, people had a love/hate relationship with Apple: they loved how awesome the products are, and did so in spite of the limitations. Now that they’ve gotten acclimated to the products, the awesomeness has worn off, and—as with all technology—the longer it lives, the more people try to do with it, and thus the more constricting the limitations seem. So the love fades, and all that’s left is the hate.

The reason is very simple: Apple chose control over openness, and they’re paying for it. The exclusive deal with AT&T meant they were stuck using the absolute worst wireless network, the shoddiness of which meant turning off users. The App Store big brother turned off developers and the tech saavy—the same thought leaders that Google catered (and I’d say still caters) to, the ones that went around switching everyone’s default home page from Yahoo! a decade ago…

3 thoughts on “Screwing Up

  1. Wait… is the iPhone still exclusive to AT&T in the US? That’s messed up.

  2. “They’re paying for it?” Boy, I wish I could make that much money while I was paying for something.

    Apple are what they are. They’re actually quite happy for you to buy something else if you don’t like what they do, because it helps their products maintain that air of exclusivity. If they weren’t ridiculously successful, nobody would care about their app store control-freakery.

    Personally, I haven’t detected any of the shift that you claim is happening… sounds more like wishful thinking from the Apple bashers. I know more people than ever who own Apple products, and they invariably love them, many months and years after purchase. The vast majority of the population are quite delighted to pay extra for something that looks good and just works, knowing that it will always just work precisely *because* they aren’t given the freedom to do or install anything that will mess it up.

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