WordPress, Time Obsessions

Finally got around to upgrading WordPress to 3.0.1, and it seems much nicer than the 2.9.2 version I was using. I also switched away from the old fcgid configuration, and dumped the custom Lifestream-based theme which I used to have in favor of a normal blog, and a theme I downloaded. It just wasn’t worth them the time to maintain the hacks required to make it work, and running unmaintained publicly-accessible PHP is a recipe for problems.

Rotary WatchI’ve also been spending a bit more time on fashion than I used to, including getting around to purchasing and wearing a nice watch. Not so much because I enjoy spending money or wearing watches particularly—I’ve resisted on the utilitarian grounds that I’ve already got a better clock built-in to my phone—but on the same grounds that women wear earrings or rings: just to have fun, be creative, show off, etc.

The same reason I run gnome-shell in spite of it aborting itself two dozen times a day, or Compiz in spite of the fact that it has ugly placement bugs, drawing issues with Chromium, etc. 🙂