Fedora 14

A long while ago, there was only one distribution that would keep up-to-date with the latest GNOME releases. Unfortunately it’s that way again.

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Zenoss Swap Threshold Fixes

One of the recurring problems I have with Zenoss is fixing the swap threshold issue. Basically, if your swap space is less than 1G, you’re stuck with an alarm informing you that there’s less than 1G of swap total. The options are to hack it to increase the threshold (by decreasing the minimum-free threshold), or […]

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Customer Service Fail

One of the bad ideas currently infecting companies in the technology field is the LivePerson “chat with a support person now” thing. This is a bad idea for multiple reasons: It’s a gigantic floating piece of garbage distracting me from whatever it is I’m trying to learn about your company or it’s products. The representatives […]

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In The Clouds

I’ve spent the last couple weeks moving off of my existing server(s) and into the cloud. Previously, I had been using my own Zimbra server, own SVN/trac install, and websites, albeit virtualized on a shared XEN server. The physical server all this was running on was some ancient second-hand single-core i386 Dell poweredge which never […]

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Distributing Static Routes with DHCP

I’m setting up an isolated network for people to test internal applications on, since the developers all have Sun workstations with a dual-port Gigabit NIC on the motherboard, and we’ve got a bunch of older network equipment that we haven’t gotten around to eBaying yet. What I’m doing is linking the second NICs together with […]

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