Distributing Static Routes with DHCP

I’m setting up an isolated network for people to test internal applications on, since the developers all have Sun workstations with a dual-port Gigabit NIC on the motherboard, and we’ve got a bunch of older network equipment that we haven’t gotten around to eBaying yet. What I’m doing is linking the second NICs together with […]

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Daemonizing Processes

Update: Commenters have pointed out a few things: This post is incomplete/incorrect. What I’m doing now is having the daemon function call a script that looks like this: #!/bin/bash exec 1>&- exec 2>&- exec 3>&- nohup myPropApp & 2>&1 > thelog.txt That code was from another website who’s URL I lost, and I posted the […]

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Xen and The Art of Free Speech

Aside from the laughable idea of “militantly” supporting anything with a blog post, Miguel simply noted that these people exist, have written a book, and will be doing the speaking-tour-thing near him. Does he agree with the contents? (shakes eight-ball) Signs point to Yes. Is he free to do so? Also yes. Are you free […]

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Fool Me Once

For anyone who wants to handle dynamic DNS (either in conjunction with DHCPd or not) with Bind and absolutely hates the verbosity of nsupdate, here’s a shell script which handles the common-cases of adding and removing: Forward/reverse entries CNAMEs The command line arguments are -k (privkey) -a (action) -h (hostname) -i (ipaddr) -c (cname) -d […]

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