Status Report

I’ve finished reading How to Lose Your Altruism How to Win Friends and Influence People, and the review is up. Also upgraded to WordPress 2.7, although since I’m using my own custom theme the changes will be all on the backend. I attempted to install OpenSolaris 2008.11 on my Macbook, which failed pretty spectacularly. The […]

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New Books

Latest on the “done” pile are Rule The Freakin’ Markets and IS-IS Network Design Solutions. Summaries/reviews of both are up.

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Xen and The Art of Free Speech

Aside from the laughable idea of “militantly” supporting anything with a blog post, Miguel simply noted that these people exist, have written a book, and will be doing the speaking-tour-thing near him. Does he agree with the contents? (shakes eight-ball) Signs point to Yes. Is he free to do so? Also yes. Are you free […]

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Armed Madhouse

Yesterday, I read Greg Palast’s Armed Madhouse. On the one hand, it’s nice to know that I intuitively understood the neo-conservative invasion plan and reason—the so-called “Plan B”—well enough to describe it as “globalization by force” in a paper I wrote for a Political Economy course. It’s also nice to know the vaunted-but-ignored State Department […]

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On Deploying OpenLDAP

One of the things I noted about the discussions surrounding “Web 2.0” was the idea that blogs were the next weapon in guerilla marketing, following the failure of various astroturf campaigns to garner any actual support due to ease with which they were exposed. The idea is that whatever the failings of free culture, it […]

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