Scratching The Itch

It’s been said before, but a person’s first foray into free culture of any type is often to scratch an itch. For me, my first Wikipedia edit was undoing vandalism on the Hernando de Soto Polar page conflating him with the conquistador of the same name—replacing his actual birth date with 1500-something, etc. It’s somewhat […]

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I Say 'God-Damn!'

God damn, god damn, god damn. But not all of them are focused on border concerns. If you talk to the Minutemen long enough, the subject of immigration inevitably floats to the surface. “I see the nation descending into poverty, philosophically, and part of it is illegal immigration, a big part of it,” says a […]

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The Witch is Dead! The Witch is Dead! Here’s a gentle fist in the air, dedicated to The Wicked Witch of the Midwest, the man who made it acceptable to say “democracy” when you mean “free-market capitalism”. One summary of his position on Chile described it as “freer markets led to free people, and that […]

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Dying Democracy and Dehumanization

Last Wednesday night, I was calling friends to try and do a little street theater downtown Chicago, in the hopes of providing a particularly gritty infomercial and generating pressure on the Senate to not pass S.3930 (aka the “Just Confess to Something Act of 2006″). It appears I wasn’t the only one with the same […]

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A Developing Nation

Good to see more evidence that America is now a third-world/developing nation (albeit with toys on credit). Social services continue on the brink of collapse, the government violates its own laws in the name of “security from terrorists,” wealthy corporations with tight connections to the government get bid-less contracts while the country accumulates ever larger […]

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