The Witch is Dead! The Witch is Dead! Here’s a gentle fist in the air, dedicated to The Wicked Witch of the Midwest, the man who made it acceptable to say “democracy” when you mean “free-market capitalism”. One summary of his position on Chile described it as “freer markets led to free people, and that […]

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Sanity Has Left The Building

It’s actually pretty amazing how crazy TV has gotten since I stopped watching it. Obviously, I can’t know for certain how crazy it is, since I don’t own one, but I read bloggers talk about ABC putting on shows about “how soon is the apocalypse,” and supposedly some CNN anchor was recycling bullshit from WorldNetDaily […]

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Re: Class?

Comments are busted at Ms. Aniston’s blog (it complains about a missing captcha, except there’s nowhere on the page to enter it), so I’ll throw my answer to her question here: One possible method of determing class is to use station in the hierarchy as a metric. If you have a boss, and you have […]

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One, Two, Three, Four

I Declare Class War! In the end this person decided that Tena’s sister didn’t have the right personality, because she required too much direction, and having lured her away from a perfectly good job with Chinese employers (which paid more!), she turned around and fired Elsa after 9 months or so. This person is actually […]

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