Indie Pop

A little tip for those tagging music, particularly on In order for it to be “indie pop”, it has to be both “pop” and “indie”, not “shit I like” or just simply “pop”. In order for it to be “indie pop”, it must appear on an independent label, and/or not be played on the […]

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Irony = Hypocrisy + Self-awareness. Of course, this only applies to your own irony/hypocrisy, not that ascribed to you from others—i.e. the irony of a locally famous activist at a hip-hop show nodding along with everyone else isn’t actually irony or hypocrisy because he hasn’t staked out a position either above everyone else or opposed […]

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Train Of The Damned

[I’ll probably end up delivering this onstage either tomorrow or next week.] It’s 9:28 PM Commuter train of the damned Slaving away for machines Which do our thinking for us Which is what this is all about… Evolution… It’s 9:32 PM Commuter train of the damned Soon to be boarding A motly crew of the […]

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Four Stages of a Media Event

How is it that I don’t even own a television and I know what the Mooninites are? (Well, I couldn’t remember their names before reading it, but I knew what they were and where the reference came from). I think the whole situation is really an emotional onion. First there’s the laughter when you realize […]

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Truer Words

It’s pretty depressing how true this is: The American public may have articulated frustration with the course of events in Iraq, but this feeling is derived more from a frustration at being defeated than from any moral outrage over getting involved in a war that didn’t need to be fought in the first place. Scott […]

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Rethinking Moderation

So Slipshod Slashdot has a story up on a Chinese cryptographer who found a shortcut through the SHA-1 scheme two years ago. While I’m not a cryptographer, it appears to be easier to forge messages or crack hashed passwords which use the SHA-1 algorithm. Unfortunately, even reading the comments at +5 puts the number of […]

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“Get your self-righteous on.” As in “way to get your self-righteous on,” or “he was really getting his self-righteous on.” I’m totally going to steal that.

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Monarchist Values

Sadly, No! throws an offhanded dig at Mark Noonan’s description of the “Kingdom of God” as a state of existence. While Noonan eventually does come out in favor of democracy, you’ll note that it’s only because you can’t guarantee you’ll get a competent and benevolent dictator (one who only oppresses The Other) not because the […]

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At the gates of Hell, in Dante’s Inferno, there is an inscription which is typically translated as “Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here” For some reason, I always recall that particular cliché as “Abandon Hope, Ye Who Enter Here” instead. When acronymized, as one would do for shorthand tech-support slang—such as PEBKAC—to indicate the […]

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Collection of One-Liners

The train of thought connecting those two events disturbs me. I don’t care about your attention, I’m just bored to tears with internet cat photos. “I can only hope to achieve your level of dorkitude so that one day, I may be on the cutting edge of ridiculous linkage” VoIP spam means never having to […]

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A few months ago, I was supposed to get some help on my job. Specifically, someone to work on the .NET side of things, which would free me up to do the job I was actually hired to do: PHP development. He wasn’t my first choice, but he was second, in large part because of […]

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Keep Digging

Shorter Billmon: You are all hypocrites because you aren’t out there picking fights with cops, whereas not only do I not fight against racism, I am probably promoting it.

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