It’s probably worth noting at this point that there are a few lessons to the debian OpenSSL debacle: There is now a corollary to “do not write your own cryptographic routines”: “do not fix bugs in someone else’s cryptographic routines.” If there is a annotated view of the OpenSSL tree (I don’t know/don’t care), the […]

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Unknown Environments

Here’s Knuth in an interview: As to your real question, the idea of immediate compilation and “unit tests” appeals to me only rarely, when I’m feeling my way in a totally unknown environment and need feedback about what works and what doesn’t… Hmm, people who are “feeling their way in a totally unknown environment”… Like […]

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One of the best quotes evah: Personally, before I did this test, I was certain that LightTPD would win the race. Obviously, large software which is perceived bloated not necessarily is. mod_php, LightTPD, FastCGI – What’s Fastest Put that on a Times Square ticker.

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Fool Me Once

For anyone who wants to handle dynamic DNS (either in conjunction with DHCPd or not) with Bind and absolutely hates the verbosity of nsupdate, here’s a shell script which handles the common-cases of adding and removing: Forward/reverse entries CNAMEs The command line arguments are -k (privkey) -a (action) -h (hostname) -i (ipaddr) -c (cname) -d […]

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OpenVPN and Firestarter

So, I use Firestarter to manage the firewall at home. It has it’s issues, of course (not all events show up in the little event viewer, for example), and I’m a little wary of using a graphical tool to manage iptables. That said, I’ve so little time at home, I don’t really care to spend […]

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Totem, BZFlag, Rhythmbox, GNOME Screensaver, and the User Switcher applet. Definitely check out the rest of the GNOME 2.14 screenshots at, this release is on track to follow it’s predecessors in the ass-kicking department, and though Xgl will definitely rock for Ubuntu’s Dapper, the biggest improvement is the fact that every single GNOME application […]

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Yeah!!! Wooooo!!

Ok, so I decided to quite literally worry myself sick this weekend. Obviously in poor form. Mmm, indeed, indeed. At any rate, I’m going to ride the “fever train” for as long as I can. For example, I can blame the fever for making me forget that today was tarball-day after work, causing the tarballs […]

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I watched a clip of Condoleeza Rice on Meet The Press yesterday, and though the video was pretty bad, the tone of voice certainly sounded like she was on the verge of tears while she rattled off a string of excuses—ranging from “inherent powers of the commander in chief” to “can’t wait to get a […]

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