Monarchist Values

Sadly, No! throws an offhanded dig at Mark Noonan’s description of the “Kingdom of God” as a state of existence. While Noonan eventually does come out in favor of democracy, you’ll note that it’s only because you can’t guarantee you’ll get a competent and benevolent dictator (one who only oppresses The Other) not because the […]

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Fear, Laziness, or N/A

Inspired from from a comment on Ezra Klein: A Bit More On Gore, I went looking for Sartre, first as a tool in service of blame, until about three paragraphs in, when it became a tool in service of knowledge. This caught my eye: Tomorrow, after my death, some men may decide to establish Fascism, […]

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Two-Minutes Hät

Targeting America in Iraq in terms of economy and losses in life is a golden and unique opportunity. Do not waste it only to regret it later.Osama bin Laden, December, 2004. (via A Tiny Revolution) Whatever one can say about Osama bin-Laden, he is not stupid. He is smart enough to understand that the U.S. […]

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