The Right Question

So, this is almost short enough to stuff into a tweet, but I was wondering if there was an actual list of ways in which GNOME Shell fell short of Canonical’s requirements or desires? In other words, there is a list of problems that are severe enough to cause Canonical & Co. to think it’s […]

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Laptop Suspend, Status

I’ve inadvertently stumbled onto the calorie cycling method of weight loss. Two days of radically low calorie intakes (1300) followed by two days of “normal” intakes for my desired loss (1850). I’ve seen varying numbers, but the recommended course is to use this method when your weight loss flattens out, I was using it because […]

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Totem, BZFlag, Rhythmbox, GNOME Screensaver, and the User Switcher applet. Definitely check out the rest of the GNOME 2.14 screenshots at, this release is on track to follow it’s predecessors in the ass-kicking department, and though Xgl will definitely rock for Ubuntu’s Dapper, the biggest improvement is the fact that every single GNOME application […]

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