“This is simultaneously the best and the worst thing I have ever heard.”

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Four Stages of a Media Event

How is it that I don’t even own a television and I know what the Mooninites are? (Well, I couldn’t remember their names before reading it, but I knew what they were and where the reference came from). I think the whole situation is really an emotional onion. First there’s the laughter when you realize […]

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Hope and Fear

The other night I was thinking about fear (in case you’re wondering, I do that instead of sleeping). See, I have these Socratic debates in my head, wherein I determine which side of the debate sounds—on the whole—less mind-fuckingly insane to me, and then I refine it, and blend in the less crazy parts of […]

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Support Your Local Troll

When the Internet was first opened to the public in 1992, some persons concluded that this amazing communications network may actually start the process of ending the rule of technocrats. Some used to think that it would even supplant the Pyramids as humanity’s greatest Wonder of the World, by allowing anyone, anywhere, access to a […]

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