WordPress, Time Obsessions

Finally got around to upgrading WordPress to 3.0.1, and it seems much nicer than the 2.9.2 version I was using. I also switched away from the old fcgid configuration, and dumped the custom Lifestream-based theme which I used to have in favor of a normal blog, and a theme I downloaded. It just wasn’t worth […]

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Thoughts on Privacy

This post is pretty heavy on the pontificating, but I’ll tie it back into GNOME at the end, I swear. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about privacy lately. Most of the shiny things here on the internet are some type of service where you abandon some degree of privacy to an intermediary in return […]

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Status Report

I’ve finished reading How to Lose Your Altruism How to Win Friends and Influence People, and the review is up. Also upgraded to WordPress 2.7, although since I’m using my own custom theme the changes will be all on the backend. I attempted to install OpenSolaris 2008.11 on my Macbook, which failed pretty spectacularly. The […]

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Sellin' Out

So I’ve got Adsense on my blog now, hopefully in a tasteful way. I’m wrestling with doing the feeds as well, but that’s a more ugly prospect: adverts on my own site are one thing, having them show up in aggregation on PGO, for exmaple is an anti-social other. (Yes, this is me making my […]

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The 1930s

I’ve updated the blog theme, and I’m just enough of a pretentious bastard to talk about it. Two years ago, I took a photograph of the “back forty” behind my apartment building. The building itself was stuck at the edge of civilization, at the end of a small cul-de-sac hanging off a street which divided […]

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Yep, I was fooled. No homoerotic missile-on-missile action. No death from above. The paranoid, cynical, haven’t-slept-in-a-week side of me thinks the stories were planted as part of a last-ditch effort to frighten the North Korean government into calling off the test (for technical reasons, naturally). Of course, that side of me also thought they were […]

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Homage To Icarus

Some random thoughts to commemorate the blog retitling/redesign: Primitivism is Bullshit It may be inescapable at this point, all chances for decent evolution having been squandered on jet-into-building porn, but going back to piling mud is bullshit, I don’t care how egalitarian the mud-piling commune is. This thought, wrung dry, is the inspiration for the […]

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Changing Gears

I’m done blogging particularly on politics. I’m done because (essentially) all political blogs are turning into the minor leagues of punditry, letting propagandists hone their craft before being wrangled, branded, and paid to use those same skills as the future Priesthoods of Power. This is not a contest between the two parties, this is simply […]

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UPS, Progress, Ooops

So I splurged on a new UPS Saturday, an APC Back-UPS RS 1500—hopefully it’ll work, it’s been charging so-far, and hopefully the controller software works under Ubuntu. I have an UPS already, but it’s underpowered for my system. So when the guy next door turns on his (fire-code violating) microwave, it fluxuates the power just […]

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Hopefully, this is the start of a new trend that will solve the climate change issue without resorting to some type of limits being placed on Freedom™. At least, that would seem to be the logical policy conclusion according to Luis’ new-ish religion. I also added Captcha-style verification to my blog comments. I’m truly sorry […]

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The background image alignment on my blog should now work properly, staying “fixed” from the top until the window height becomes greater than the size of the image (and it’s offset), at which point it should align itself to the bottom. As with everything else, feel free to use the JavaScript, though I didn’t test […]

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Pushing It

I think I’m going to start tracking down those responsible for making me waste my time moderating comment spam, and start posting their contact information. “For educational purposes only.” In related news, the sales guy at work came to me the past week and asked me if I could help make an “HTML e-mail promotion.” […]

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All The Time

Keeping up my several-post-theme of All Web Design, All The Time, I’ve just redesigned my blog site, so it looks better and works in Internet Explorer 6. There’s still some work to do, mostly cleaning up old posts so they don’t overflow the content container, adding back the (oft-broken but still interesting) “related” sidebar to […]

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Aparently, my blog is some form of wafting black flower, at least according to Organic HTML: Strangely, those sites that use old HTML constructs (tables for layout, color attributes in the HTML, etc.) to the detriment of CSS seem to look prettier when run through that thing, so perhaps I should wear my stenchblossom with […]

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