Thanks to tigert for the link on how to easily upgrade from WordPress 1.5 to 1.5.1. Unfortunately, it was even easier to upgrade among the 1.4.x versions. First, you un-tar the new version into (all paths are relative to the blog root, /) /wordpress-x.y.z, then you copy index.php out of wordpress-x.y.z into /, and copy […]

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Welp, I finished a redesign of my blog that I’ve been working on for a few weeks. It looks more like a blog than the last version, and IMO is not nearly as ugly. The problem I run into with website design is basically a common one to all HCI design—accomplishing technical tricks (like doing […]

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I got off of work a couple hours ago and browsed through the site stats to see where people get to my site from. Aside from the usual suspects (PlanetGNOME and mailing list posts via my .signature), there are a couple links from libertarian/anarcho-capitalist sites to my Why I Don’t Vote essay. I suppose I’ll […]

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