One week on, I’m down about 6lbs, which is around 10% of the goal. Today is a low day (that is, 1350 calories), and I was still coming up short by the end of the day so I hit the chips and queso after dinner… which I’ve got to say is addictive once you get […]

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Last To The Party

Upgraded my own install of Zimbra to 5.0.4 today, haven’t played with IM yet. Shared documents, a task list, seems cool. BTW, don’t ever, ever, ever modify the LDAP schema in Zimbra. Even via their own “posixAccount” extensions. It’s just bad news all around. Also, I’m enjoying muxtape.

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Indie Pop

A little tip for those tagging music, particularly on In order for it to be “indie pop”, it has to be both “pop” and “indie”, not “shit I like” or just simply “pop”. In order for it to be “indie pop”, it must appear on an independent label, and/or not be played on the […]

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