I’m currently suffering from putting my insomnia to good use (so far I’ve installed Tracks), so I’ll take the time to post some random thoughts: I was bitten by April Fools twice today. The second time because I was too exhausted to remember that it was April Fools. A life without hope is not wasted […]

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One of the best quotes evah: Personally, before I did this test, I was certain that LightTPD would win the race. Obviously, large software which is perceived bloated not necessarily is. mod_php, LightTPD, FastCGI – What’s Fastest Put that on a Times Square ticker.

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Irony = Hypocrisy + Self-awareness. Of course, this only applies to your own irony/hypocrisy, not that ascribed to you from others—i.e. the irony of a locally famous activist at a hip-hop show nodding along with everyone else isn’t actually irony or hypocrisy because he hasn’t staked out a position either above everyone else or opposed […]

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Foolish Consistency

For whatever reason I decided to go searching for the answer to a quote that was pretty popular in USENET .signature files when I was a kid (and still is, for all I know)… The other terror that scares us from self-trust is our consistency; a reverence for our past act or word because the […]

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Hope and Fear

The other night I was thinking about fear (in case you’re wondering, I do that instead of sleeping). See, I have these Socratic debates in my head, wherein I determine which side of the debate sounds—on the whole—less mind-fuckingly insane to me, and then I refine it, and blend in the less crazy parts of […]

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Fear, Laziness, or N/A

Inspired from from a comment on Ezra Klein: A Bit More On Gore, I went looking for Sartre, first as a tool in service of blame, until about three paragraphs in, when it became a tool in service of knowledge. This caught my eye: Tomorrow, after my death, some men may decide to establish Fascism, […]

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Wisdom and The Key

Nothing is unbreakable No system is perfect There is always another way Given proper inquiry, the way can be found The future lies in the possibility Where anything is possible This is what we forgot on 9/11.

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