I Say 'God-Damn!'

God damn, god damn, god damn. But not all of them are focused on border concerns. If you talk to the Minutemen long enough, the subject of immigration inevitably floats to the surface. “I see the nation descending into poverty, philosophically, and part of it is illegal immigration, a big part of it,” says a […]

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The Use of Color

In an earlier post, I had noted that I would write some more on a photograph I had posted to provide a graphic illustration of the kinds of regimes that decided on trials when it was in the best interest of the state, rather than, for example, the interests of justice. When you look at […]

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Allen vs. Webb

So I’m listening to an older clip from CNN, and I have to say this. To ask George Allen whether he is Jewish or not is a scumbag question. The “he’s just a celebrity” excuse is lamentably lame, and I for one got the impression that Arianna Huffington would just as soon the person who […]

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Threat Levels

From Wired, via Boing-Boing: Look closely at the “Green” threat level. Yes, you are reading that correctly. As a resident of America, you are more likely to be shot by a police officer than killed in any type of terrorist attack. Now factor in the well-documented racial bias in law enforcement strategies and arrest rates, […]

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Armed Madhouse

Yesterday, I read Greg Palast’s Armed Madhouse. On the one hand, it’s nice to know that I intuitively understood the neo-conservative invasion plan and reason—the so-called “Plan B”—well enough to describe it as “globalization by force” in a paper I wrote for a Political Economy course. It’s also nice to know the vaunted-but-ignored State Department […]

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Delinking AmSam

I’ve delinked American Samizdat after a racist post was not only published, but defended by both the original poster and another contributor to the site. My exact comments on the racism are available on the offending AmSam post, for those who are interested. Supposedly the same post got them banned from Daily Kos. I had […]

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Finding Spivak

I recently IM’d someone who sounded interesting on an unnamed quiz/dating site, and was pleasantly surprised to find someone who made me feel dumb. Not that feeling dumb is good, just that it’s easier to see the next plateau when there’s someone there waving at you. Unfortunately, reaching that plateau involves tracking down a particular […]

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