Preach It

As someone who used to attend an Assembly of God church in Illinois, this struck me a pure gold: The Assemblies of God churches are not going to come up with anything to help with global warming, alternative energy, new medicine, new reproductive technologies, new discoveries, new ideas. Losing the sense of the argument, PZ […]

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Monarchist Values

Sadly, No! throws an offhanded dig at Mark Noonan’s description of the “Kingdom of God” as a state of existence. While Noonan eventually does come out in favor of democracy, you’ll note that it’s only because you can’t guarantee you’ll get a competent and benevolent dictator (one who only oppresses The Other) not because the […]

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At the gates of Hell, in Dante’s Inferno, there is an inscription which is typically translated as “Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here” For some reason, I always recall that particular cliché as “Abandon Hope, Ye Who Enter Here” instead. When acronymized, as one would do for shorthand tech-support slang—such as PEBKAC—to indicate the […]

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The second-biggest Shia spiritual leader (who, perfectly enough, I’ve never heard of) was quoted on NPR today from something he said last Friday (2006-09-22) as saying that there is no “conflict of civilizations”, only a “conflict of ignorance”. Which is as near to correct as any statement yet on the current West vs. Mid-East “blow […]

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Wisdom and The Key

Nothing is unbreakable No system is perfect There is always another way Given proper inquiry, the way can be found The future lies in the possibility Where anything is possible This is what we forgot on 9/11.

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“It’s not enough that you sell your waking life for minimum wage, but they get your dreams for free” Monday night, I had my first C# dream. I later dreamed I ran into an old friend of mine from High School, who I haven’t thought of recently. Charcoal grey and white tiling, just passing her […]

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Unfocused and Angry

I am, today, unfocused and angry. Someone is hating me. I don’t care, they can keep their hatred. Shields up, ‘n shit. Vampirism begone! And take your sloppy thinking with you. I want none of it. I want a full-night’s sleep.

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Fundamentalist Wicca Seeks hot-babe for Wireless Action, Document Management Web App

The week before last (before my job started) I spent the whole week on a quest for religious knowledge, starting from a post syndicated to Indyblogs (the Indymedia site) about Wicca, describing the “debate” between those who choose that religion after seeing The Craft or Charmed reruns on TBS, and those who actually research the […]

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Organizing Some Thoughts

While perusing some like-minded bloggers, one of them mentioned Venom, an insert-qualifier-here metal band from the 80s. Specifically, it was praising their 1984 album, At War With Satan, which appears to be a retelling of Paradise Lost, albeit in insert-qualifier-here metal form. This isn’t the first time I’ve run into the metal side of anarchism, […]

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Just Allright

At work, whenever the big boss runs into anyone, she asks how they’re doing. My response is usually the ponderous “mmm, allright”, to which she replies “just allright”, as though I should be bouncy-stupid-happy 100% of the time. It got me thinking of that campy song from the 70s, “Jesus is Just Allright With Me,” […]

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Left-Wing Religion

I’ve been wondering, on and off, why religion is generally associated with the right-wing in politics. AFAIK, every major theistic religion has pronouncements to feed the poor, provide free health services, and generally do all the things one would expect from a “utopian,” commune-style existance. So why then are there so many right-wing religious groups? […]

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