Essential Spirit

I’d like to thank all of those who voted for Scott Brown. You’ve done the courageous thing by making sure the rest of the country cannot have a health care system roughly equivalent to the one you already enjoy in Massachusetts. Most people—ordinary people—would not allow themselves to simply ignore the monumental shamefulness of that. […]

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Fool Me Once

For anyone who wants to handle dynamic DNS (either in conjunction with DHCPd or not) with Bind and absolutely hates the verbosity of nsupdate, here’s a shell script which handles the common-cases of adding and removing: Forward/reverse entries CNAMEs The command line arguments are -k (privkey) -a (action) -h (hostname) -i (ipaddr) -c (cname) -d […]

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Cynicsm for Fun and Profit

Glenn Greenwald is discussing the stunning hypocrisy of Republicans, as they decry the viciously partisan Democrats for outing a gay Republican—ostensibly because dragging personal sexual conduct into politics will drive good people from governance. Color me cynical, but why is this such a shock? This is the same crowd that spent a large chunk of […]

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