Monarchist Values

Sadly, No! throws an offhanded dig at Mark Noonan’s description of the “Kingdom of God” as a state of existence. While Noonan eventually does come out in favor of democracy, you’ll note that it’s only because you can’t guarantee you’ll get a competent and benevolent dictator (one who only oppresses The Other) not because the […]

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No Santa

I started writing this post to point out that the coordinated demands by virtually every major nutcase over the New York Times’ revealing the data-mining of banking records via SWIFT—the calls for execution, harassment, lynching, etc.—was a clear indication that Karl Rove is no longer a target of Fitzgerald’s investigation. The much-vaunted “Fitzmas” is over, […]

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Changing Gears

I’m done blogging particularly on politics. I’m done because (essentially) all political blogs are turning into the minor leagues of punditry, letting propagandists hone their craft before being wrangled, branded, and paid to use those same skills as the future Priesthoods of Power. This is not a contest between the two parties, this is simply […]

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Feel The Power

So according to the people at Protein Wisdom, the reason the U.S. is losing the war in Iraq (ironically enough the same people said the U.S. was winning until a fellow conservative clued them in to the fact it wasn’t) is the anti-war protesters. Aside from the obvious “stab-in-the-back” parallels, there’s a more constructive interpretation […]

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Now that it is widely known that the CIA is torturing people in a string of secret prisons around the world, is there going to be a retraction from those who criticized Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) for his use of the term GULAG to describe the U.S. government’s interrogation centers and prisons? Somehow, I doubt […]

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