Credit Where Due

Thank you to the Sci-Fi Channel (and/or whoever ends up owning them) for getting it and letting me download BSG off your website in a flash thing. Also, Scott Ian is the motherfuckin’ man, though I think Baltar is very clearly supposed to be a Factured Fairlytales version of Jesus (the beard was the givaway, […]

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President Batman

A friend of mine IM’d me an article ostensibly about how Russia is tragically under the (now-former) KGB’s thumb again. Yes, yes, we all know Putin is a dirty bastard who should never be in charge of anything more involved than [insert menial civil-service gig here]. And the more media-savvy (ahem) will figure out that […]

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Sanity Has Left The Building

It’s actually pretty amazing how crazy TV has gotten since I stopped watching it. Obviously, I can’t know for certain how crazy it is, since I don’t own one, but I read bloggers talk about ABC putting on shows about “how soon is the apocalypse,” and supposedly some CNN anchor was recycling bullshit from WorldNetDaily […]

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