Productively Procrastinating

I’ve spent quite a bit of time procrastinating this weekend, surfing the Internet when I should’ve been finishing cleaning my apartment. Of course, in addition to total time sinks like Facebook games (Yahoo games for people who like assisting spammers), I’ve watched a shitload of TED talks… So far the most interesting by far are […]

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Web Applications

Reading the utopianism of after watching a TED talk from the founder of it, I tried calculating carbon footprint more accurately than I had previously. Catching up on missed blogs, I’ve gotten myself going on dopplr a moment ago, following a Lessig commenter’s idea to use it to calculate carbon for offset donations—which is […]

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Last To The Party

Upgraded my own install of Zimbra to 5.0.4 today, haven’t played with IM yet. Shared documents, a task list, seems cool. BTW, don’t ever, ever, ever modify the LDAP schema in Zimbra. Even via their own “posixAccount” extensions. It’s just bad news all around. Also, I’m enjoying muxtape.

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Credit Where Due

Thank you to the Sci-Fi Channel (and/or whoever ends up owning them) for getting it and letting me download BSG off your website in a flash thing. Also, Scott Ian is the motherfuckin’ man, though I think Baltar is very clearly supposed to be a Factured Fairlytales version of Jesus (the beard was the givaway, […]

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Rethinking Moderation

So Slipshod Slashdot has a story up on a Chinese cryptographer who found a shortcut through the SHA-1 scheme two years ago. While I’m not a cryptographer, it appears to be easier to forge messages or crack hashed passwords which use the SHA-1 algorithm. Unfortunately, even reading the comments at +5 puts the number of […]

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“Get your self-righteous on.” As in “way to get your self-righteous on,” or “he was really getting his self-righteous on.” I’m totally going to steal that.

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Collection of One-Liners

The train of thought connecting those two events disturbs me. I don’t care about your attention, I’m just bored to tears with internet cat photos. “I can only hope to achieve your level of dorkitude so that one day, I may be on the cutting edge of ridiculous linkage” VoIP spam means never having to […]

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