The Right Question

So, this is almost short enough to stuff into a tweet, but I was wondering if there was an actual list of ways in which GNOME Shell fell short of Canonical’s requirements or desires? In other words, there is a list of problems that are severe enough to cause Canonical & Co. to think it’s […]

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Ubuntu on the Dell Adamo

I went ahead and got the Adamo from Dell, so here’s my review of it, and what I did to set it up and get it working the way I wanted. Firstly, on the hardware: AC adapters is the weak point of this guy. For my old MacBook, I had three: one in my bag, […]

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Dear Lazyweb

Does anyone have any experiences with Karmic on the white Dell Adamo? Update: It seems positive, at least compared with the cheaper MacBook Air where you have to fuss with kernel boot options and whatnot.

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Siding with the Bastards

Let me preface this by stating a few things: if you are going to tell me that girls are inherently bad at technology, programming, or are getting their panties in a twist, please fuck the fuck off. I feel confident in judging you a waste of an opportunity for a perfectly good pair of ovary […]

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Laptop Suspend, Status

I’ve inadvertently stumbled onto the calorie cycling method of weight loss. Two days of radically low calorie intakes (1300) followed by two days of “normal” intakes for my desired loss (1850). I’ve seen varying numbers, but the recommended course is to use this method when your weight loss flattens out, I was using it because […]

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Ubuntu Ruined My Life

[There’s a whole bunch of meandering academic pontificating and me taking myself too seriously. About two thirds of the way down it gets really good, though. I promise. Also, the woman is now online and back in school. -JC] So apparently, someone was trying to take online courses, ordered the cheapest Dell with a CD—which […]

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Status Report

I’ve finished reading How to Lose Your Altruism How to Win Friends and Influence People, and the review is up. Also upgraded to WordPress 2.7, although since I’m using my own custom theme the changes will be all on the backend. I attempted to install OpenSolaris 2008.11 on my Macbook, which failed pretty spectacularly. The […]

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It’s probably worth noting at this point that there are a few lessons to the debian OpenSSL debacle: There is now a corollary to “do not write your own cryptographic routines”: “do not fix bugs in someone else’s cryptographic routines.” If there is a annotated view of the OpenSSL tree (I don’t know/don’t care), the […]

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The Fool's Only Teacher 3

Sometimes life works. Other times it doesn’t. Hopefully you get to the point where you can spot the “doesn’t” parts in advance… If you’re lucky enough to get a technical person calling you in for the interview, remember to ask about a dress-code range. It’s uncomfortable to be pimping a suit when the guy who […]

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