Totem, BZFlag, Rhythmbox, GNOME Screensaver, and the User Switcher applet. Definitely check out the rest of the GNOME 2.14 screenshots at, this release is on track to follow it’s predecessors in the ass-kicking department, and though Xgl will definitely rock for Ubuntu’s Dapper, the biggest improvement is the fact that every single GNOME application […]

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Testers Wanted

So an issue came up with FUSA and GDM earlier this week, and I need some help testing the patch to fix this issue. It doesn’t matter what version of GDM you’re running, as long as you’ve got a GNOME 2.14 setup. I’ve tested this on GNOME 2.14 against both the GDM 2.8 in […]

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FUSA 2.13.92

New FUSA release today: 2.13.92 (aka GNOME 2.14 RC2), miraculously ready before the deadline (sheepish *g*). It’s mostly translation work, but there’s also a tiny memleak fix in there. Of course, the fixes for a couple bugs will have to be worked on some more due to some (pixel-level) UI changes that just wouldn’t play […]

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Yeah!!! Wooooo!!

Ok, so I decided to quite literally worry myself sick this weekend. Obviously in poor form. Mmm, indeed, indeed. At any rate, I’m going to ride the “fever train” for as long as I can. For example, I can blame the fever for making me forget that today was tarball-day after work, causing the tarballs […]

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UPS, Progress, Ooops

So I splurged on a new UPS Saturday, an APC Back-UPS RS 1500—hopefully it’ll work, it’s been charging so-far, and hopefully the controller software works under Ubuntu. I have an UPS already, but it’s underpowered for my system. So when the guy next door turns on his (fire-code violating) microwave, it fluxuates the power just […]

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The Pusher

New release of FUSA for the 2.13.3 GNOME release, complete with funky UI suggestions from Matthew Thomas, lots of i18n work, and fixed global *.png faces. Rock on, dear translators. Update

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