One of the best quotes evah: Personally, before I did this test, I was certain that LightTPD would win the race. Obviously, large software which is perceived bloated not necessarily is. mod_php, LightTPD, FastCGI – What’s Fastest Put that on a Times Square ticker.

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Here’s an older web design from work (no before shots available, but it was what you would expect from a Yahoo-hosted MS-frontpage site): And here’s a more recent design, also from work (the site content is unfinished, so no link yet): The front page has buildings which light up on mouse-over of either the […]

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Drawn Done Good

I’ve finally finished another website at work, which has been in on-again/off-again development for the last couple months as I found time between my other eight projects: Before After Old Home Page New Home Page Old Services Page New Installations Page The primary non-asthetic differences are three fewer toplevel categories, a search functionality, and the […]

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Say That You Love Me

So rather than hack on Gio like I promised a friendly Novellite, I was doing more web stuff for work. Yeah, I’m a slacker, but only at my non-pay activities, ironically enough. But rather than pass up this narccisstic opportunity for self aggrandizement (and, of course, to reference The Cardigans), I’ll post screenshots like I […]

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The Land Where Fuzzy Dice

Last week, I ported the website of Abacus Scales from a custom ColdFusion-and-Access driven monstrosity to Joomla. The design was pretty much done, but there were some obvious sticking points: There were ten categories, and the products list was an undiscoverable DHTML popup that didn’t work in Mozilla (I didn’t investigate, but when you moused […]

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Arrogance Among Dancers

I’ve redesigned my main site and upgraded from Mambo to Joomla. In reality Joomla 1.0.1 is Mambo 4.5.3 or .4, so it wasn’t very involved (on the upgrade side, anyways). Unlike the last iteration, I actually made an effort towards making it work in recent versions of IE, mainly because people bitched at me for […]

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