Zenoss Swap Threshold Fixes

One of the recurring problems I have with Zenoss is fixing the swap threshold issue. Basically, if your swap space is less than 1G, you’re stuck with an alarm informing you that there’s less than 1G of swap total. The options are to hack it to increase the threshold (by decreasing the minimum-free threshold), or […]

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Excel Beta 2010

I’ve got Excel 2010 Beta installed on my PC at work, partly to play around with it, partly because I need something to do all the myriad spreadsheets I’m required to do. As before, Excel 2010 allows you to open multiple workbooks with that maddeningly weird pseudo-MDI interface that is always a little jarring. I […]

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Web Applications

Reading the utopianism of worldchanging.com after watching a TED talk from the founder of it, I tried calculating carbon footprint more accurately than I had previously. Catching up on missed blogs, I’ve gotten myself going on dopplr a moment ago, following a Lessig commenter’s idea to use it to calculate carbon for offset donations—which is […]

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Daemonizing Processes

Update: Commenters have pointed out a few things: This post is incomplete/incorrect. What I’m doing now is having the daemon function call a script that looks like this: #!/bin/bash exec 1>&- exec 2>&- exec 3>&- nohup myPropApp & 2>&1 > thelog.txt That code was from another website who’s URL I lost, and I posted the […]

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Living with Telcos

Your network engineer orders four T1 lines from locations in City A to a datacenter in City Z via a large telco. He leaves the week before these are to be dropped, and of course, does not document what he was doing or even keep copies of the contracts. Either way, the lines are in […]

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I notice I tend to start blog posts like an awkward attempt to jump-start a stalled conversation: “So, I was looking at…” or “So, I was doing X…” It’s a little cowardly on my part, afraid to just jump into something without some sort of warning—in this case, the word “so”. Either that or I […]

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The Fool's Only Teacher 3

Sometimes life works. Other times it doesn’t. Hopefully you get to the point where you can spot the “doesn’t” parts in advance… If you’re lucky enough to get a technical person calling you in for the interview, remember to ask about a dress-code range. It’s uncomfortable to be pimping a suit when the guy who […]

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A few months ago, I was supposed to get some help on my job. Specifically, someone to work on the .NET side of things, which would free me up to do the job I was actually hired to do: PHP development. He wasn’t my first choice, but he was second, in large part because of […]

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Micromanaged Zombies

I come into the office early this morning, in the hopes of getting a head start on the backlog I’ve got: Finish refactor of My First PHP Project to take advantage of what I’ve learned since I wrote it, be documented, and generally just stop sucking. Add needed features, like an XML-RPC interface. Switch to […]

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Here’s an older web design from work (no before shots available, but it was what you would expect from a Yahoo-hosted MS-frontpage site): http://www.scaledealer.com And here’s a more recent design, also from work (the site content is unfinished, so no link yet): The front page has buildings which light up on mouse-over of either the […]

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Drawn Done Good

I’ve finally finished another website at work, which has been in on-again/off-again development for the last couple months as I found time between my other eight projects: Before After Old Home Page New Home Page Old Services Page New Installations Page The primary non-asthetic differences are three fewer toplevel categories, a search functionality, and the […]

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Hell Motherfucking Yeah…

…or:      That’s some nice quotewhorin’, Lou. Watching non-programmers trying to run software companies is like watching someone who doesn’t know how to surf trying to surf. “It’s ok! I have great advisors standing on the shore telling me what to do!” they say, and then fall off the board, again and again.Joel on Software, My […]

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“It’s not enough that you sell your waking life for minimum wage, but they get your dreams for free” Monday night, I had my first C# dream. I later dreamed I ran into an old friend of mine from High School, who I haven’t thought of recently. Charcoal grey and white tiling, just passing her […]

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It’s noble work you’re doing. I got to play around with Visual Studio and C# at work today, started getting my mind around the massive collection of APIs that is .NET—and hating the MSDN site’s horrendously slow-loading documentation pages. Ordinarily I’d rather shoot myself than develop for a windows machine, but I’ve got no choice […]

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